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Sept. 15, 2022

Celebrating Mexican Independence Day!

by Cristina Chowath, Elite Real Estate Los Cabos Real Estate Advisor

It was the very first hours of September 16th, 1810, in Dolores, Guanajuato. It was pitch dark when the bells of the church were ringing. A group of intellectual nationals were calling everyone to gather to rise against the Spanish government for a free country. These men and women had been planning a political and civil movement on which they wanted to abolish almost 300 years of colonial domination. As Priest Miguel Hidalgo was ringing the bells, he kept calling for a free Country, for Independence, free thinking, equality for all, no more slavery, no more rendition to a foreign King. Hidalgo closed his speech with the all famous: ¡Viva Mexico! ¡Viva la Independencia de Mexico! ¡Viva Mexico! … And the rest is now history.

Mexican Independence was a movement that began with the Grito de Independencia on September 16th, 1810, and finished on September 27th, 1821, when the Trigarante Army marched victorious into Mexico City led by Agustin de Iturbide. All these bloody years ended and a new era began with the signing of the Plan de Iguala, a document that set the basis for a free Country and eventually its own constitution.

So many courageous men and women fought hard throughout these years and led an army that achieved equal rights for everyone. Among these notorious Héroes de la Patria are Jose Maria Morelos, Josefa Ortiz de Dominguez, Ignacio Allende, Vicente Guerrero… and the list goes on and on.

Did you know...

·      Dar el grito, is how Independence Day is celebrated. It has become a tradition that the Mexican President rings the bell at midnight calling for unity and remembering those who fought and died.

·      Chiles en Nogada is one of Mexico’s most iconic dishes, it evokes culture, tradition and commemorates the green, white and red colors of the Mexican flag as Agustin de Iturbide and his army triumphally marched into the City.

·      5 de Mayo has nothing to do with Mexican Independence.

A lot of countries around the world have joined Mexico in celebrating their Independence Day. The Empire State Building in New York and Gama Tower in Jakarta are some of the many buildings that have marked the country’s celebrations.

In Los Cabos, in the civic plazas, hotels, and restaurants celebrate this day with traditional food such as pozole, chiles en nogada, and other gastronomic delights, as well as fireworks and regional Mexican music.

Let's celebrate together and say VIVA MEXICO!

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Aug. 10, 2022

Now Offering Property Management!

by Fernando Vega, Property Manager

Elite Real Estate Los Cabos now proudly offers professional Property Management Services for our clients and friends who purchase property in Los Cabos. We’ve got you covered...

We understand your vacation property is an investment. Let our team of bilingual professionals with over 25 years of combined Property Management and administration experience, take the worry out of owning a property in Los Cabos!

We are a full-service Property Management company offering comprehensive supervision of your vacation property. We provide 24-hour assistance to guests in house and have a team of staff and service providers to offer superior customer service. Choose from our standard services or choose our a la carte menu. As our client you will receive detailed monthly accounting reports and reconciliation of bank accounts for your piece of mind. We can also assist with coordination of special projects, bill payment, hurricane preparation, short and long term rentals and more!

Call us today to set up an appointment for a quote based on your individual needs. We look forward to building a successful partnership with you for many years to come.

Email PropertyManagement@ERELosCabos.com for more information!



July 29, 2022

Community Spotlight: Casa Ramé

by Cristina Chowath, Elite Real Estate Los Cabos Real Estate Advisor

The word Ramé, Balinese in origin, is used to describe something that is simultaneously chaotic and joyful.

Life is composed of tiny little miracles that happen every day, which are mostly taken for granted. For example, my daily routine consists of waking up, brushing my teeth, working out, showering, having breakfast, going to work, coming home, having dinner, and relaxing. But there are people whose neurological disabilities do not allow them to perform those simple tasks and who need to rely on the love, patience, and guidance of others. And that is why, something as joyful as preparing dinner, can be a chaotic experience for someone who doesn’t even know how to slice an onion.

Casa Ramé was founded just three years ago by a mother’s concern for her autistic teenager to be able to grow up to live an independent and self-sufficient life. Nothing brings more joy than to see your loved ones accomplishing big or small milestones, nothing brings more pride to a disabled person than to feel productive, to have a purpose, to be welcomed as an equal into society.

The purpose behind Casa Ramé can be broken down into short, medium and long-term goals. Its short-term goal is to be a safe and welcoming place where neurological disabled teens and young adults can learn everyday chores, apply a practical meaning to their abilities, master a craft, and to the extent of their capacities, become self-sufficient and productive. And how is it accomplished? With lots of patience, love, and a systematic approach based on each individual´s needs. Casa Ramé´s therapists develop a workplan in conjunction with family members, and is aimed to strengthen their abilities, to make them feel confident and with each breakthrough, develop a new and more complex goal. Being able to make the bed, sweep the floors, or prepare a simple dessert are some of the activities they are practicing every day and are the catalysis that develop self-confidence and independence.

The medium-term goal is to help them take place in everyday activities within a business. This represents an incredible achievement as it allows them to feel connected and valued.  There are several socially responsible companies that are welcoming people with autism, down syndrome, or different neurological disabilities into their ranks…and it’s changing their world for the better!

And lastly, Casa Ramé’s long-term goal is to build a house designed specifically to be a therapeutic center welcoming more and more young adults with disabilities, whilst creating a full-time residency so they can feel independent. For a parent with a disabled child, it will bring them a lot of peace to know they are in a safe and loving environment living a dignified life.

You may be thinking: What are the best ways to help? Monetary donations are always welcome as it helps to cover their everyday expenses. Another way is to support is by purchasing items these teenagers make as part of the program: beaded bracelets, soy candles in recycled wine bottles, notebooks, and the all-time favorites: their famous desserts and treats! Each time one of these items is sold, it encourages them to continue learning and helps them feel proud that part of Casa Ramé’s expenses are covered with the profits of their sales.


But undoubtedly, inclusion is the key. Learning about people with disabilities, having patience towards them, accepting them, and especially allowing them to become a productive part of our society is how we can really make a difference!

Elite Real Estate Los Cabos proudly supports Casa Ramé’s mission and hopes to shine some light on this wonderful organization. For more information, please visit: www.facebook.com/casaramecabo/

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March 30, 2022

Springtime in Cabo

by Cristina Chowath, Elite Real Estate Los Cabos Real Estate Advisor

Hooray…it’s that time of year again when we can feel the weather changing and we are all definitely ready for it. Spring is here, and with it, many students from all around the world arrive for their oh-so-famous Spring Break and Semana Santa and decide to let loose and enjoy our beaches. Medano Beach being one of their favorites.


But do not be fooled, springtime in Cabo is a lot more than beach all day and party all night. For those of you needing a change in scenery, weather, or just a relaxing getaway, let me share some of the wonders you can experience this time, or any other time of the year: 

·      A day on the water.  An obvious choice I know, but there are several beaches in Baja California Sur that are kid and pet friendly and represent a great opportunity to just relax and connect with nature: Medano, La Playita, La Fortuna, Shipwrecks, Cabo Pulmo, Buena Vista, La Ventana and Tecolote are just a few. But I also want to emphasize the beauty of jumping into a boat and going fishing or simply relaxing by the wonderous views of the Baja Sur coastline. Salty skin, messy hair, a healthy dose of Vitamin D…nothing beats a sunny day in or on the water.

·      Hiking through the many beautiful mountains in Baja.  A family and budget friendly activity where you can take your entire family and walk up to Las Antennas (at El Tezal in Cabo) or the Punta Lobos on the Pacific (close to Todos Santos). The walks are not that steep and once you reach the top, the beautiful views are beyond anything you can imagine or capture with a picture.

·      San Jose Art Walk.  Every Thursday night from November to June, downtown San Jose del Cabo comes alive with local artisans, street vendors and art galleries showcasing their work. Even though I’m a local and I visit it often, there’s always something new to admire, different music to dance to, and a variety of food to try. Plus, a street churro or an esquite (Mexican corn) are perfect desserts!

·      Spa day.  Something as simple as a massage, a facial or even getting your nails done are underrated indulgences we owe to ourselves every now and then. Whether you have a professional treat you at your private rental villa, your own Cabo home, or you visit your hotel spa, let yourself be pampered the Cabo way.

Lastly, as Julia Roberts learned in her “Eat Pray Love” movie, practice Dolce Far Niente, the sweetness of doing nothing. Wake up late, take a selfie by the ocean, order room service and eat chocolate pancakes for breakfast. Finish that book that you’ve had by your nightstand forever, don’t reply to emails, and smile at the many compliments you get on your vacation insta-stories. Spring has arrived and Los Cabos is always a great place to experience it!

If you are ready to purchase Real Estate in Los Cabos, or wish to know more about buying property in Mexico, please email us at Hola@ERELosCabos.com or visit us at www.EliteRealEstateLosCabos.com.

Springtime in Cabo

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Dec. 27, 2021

What Makes Los Cabos So Special?

by Cristina Chowath, Elite Real Estate Los Cabos Real Estate Advisor

I was recently with a client, and she mentioned how exciting it is for her and her family to relocate from Canada to Cabo. Her actual words were: “you have a hidden gem of a place here.” So, it got me thinking…what is it that is so fascinating about Los Cabos? Why would a family of four (plus two cats) leave and start fresh somewhere so far from home? Could it be the promise land for expats?

Everyone’s story is different but let me share my own. I moved from mainland Mexico to Cabo San Lucas 16 years ago when I was offered a job. At first it wasn’t easy being alone, but soon enough I began meeting people (national and foreigners) who welcomed me into their homes. Back then I didn’t like going to the beach, but now I try to go as often as possible. Since my move I have purchased a home, made friends, found love, learned new skills, perfected another language, met incredible people from all around the world, and learned so much that has made my life a lot richer and fuller.

You may be thinking that can be accomplished anywhere in the world and indeed, you are correct. Therefore, what makes Los Cabos so special? How could it be that every year more and more people move to Los Cabos to live, work, or retire?  

To be honest, I can’t really explain it in words. What I would do is show you pictures of the different shades of blue of the Sea of Cortez. I’d list for you the different organic farms throughout the area that produce the greenest greens you’ve ever seen. I would indicate in Google maps where the walking trails are to reach incredible mountaintops with scenic views. I’d read you the reviews of the finest restaurants in town or drive you along the Cabo-San Jose corridor and admire the views of the desert meeting the ocean. I’d introduce you to families whose children are thriving and getting a fantastic bilingual and bicultural education here in Los Cabos. I’d recommend you marvel at the colorful Art Walk in downtown San Jose or enjoy a savory fish taco from a local spot and go to bed with the expectation of doing it all again (or something new) tomorrow. It’s only after experiencing the magic of the area when you’ll realize that moving and starting fresh in this region would be one of the best decisions ever.

What about job? For entrepreneurs, there is always room for exciting new ideas and services. All of us in Los Cabos are eager to see, learn, experience, and enjoy new businesses! Or maybe you work from home? Most residential communities have fiber optic internet which makes it easy to connect to anywhere in the world.  

So, if you are really curious about what it’s like to live here, or want to know what all the hype is about, or why celebrities visit so often, I’d say give it a try. Pick a week and book a private house or hotel. Spend time at the beach, walk the marina, bask in the possibility of a new (vacation or permanent) home. Who knows, you may be pleasantly surprised of what you’ll find.

If you are ready to purchase your dream home in Los Cabos, or wish to know more about buying property in Mexico, please email us at Hola@ERELosCabos.com or visit us at www.EliteRealEstateLosCabos.com.

What Makes Los Cabos So Special?

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Dec. 9, 2021

Five Things You Need to Know Before Buying a Property in Mexico

by Cristina Chowath, Elite Real Estate Los Cabos Real Estate Advisor

Now that working remotely is becoming more and more common, you may know a friend, family member, or coworker who owns a primary or second home in Mexico. It may be your neighbor who’s planning to retire to their beach condo in the next couple of years. Or perhaps your parents´ friends who are tired of cold winters and dreams of seaside margaritas in the middle of December.

If moving to a sunny beach in Mexico has been a dream of yours, let me share five things that you need to know while considering the idea:

  1. As a foreigner you can own a property in Baja California Sur throughout a 50-year renewable trust called a Fideicomiso. As the buyer and beneficiary of the trust, you will enjoy all the benefits and responsibilities for your house, condo or terrain, which means you can use, rent, remodel, will to heirs, and even sell your property.

  2. Although most real estate transactions are completed in cash, you can apply to private lenders or developers for financing options. There will be certain criteria you need to qualify for, but it is an easy process guided by the experts in the subject.

  3. Quality healthcare, as well as fully bilingual education, are readily available. We are seeing a growing trend of empty nesters and families exploring the idea of living abroad and learning a new language, while having complete confidence that their needs will be well cared for.

  4. It is possible to rent your property. It doesn’t matter if you only plan to use it as a vacation home during the holidays (and rent it out the rest of the year), or to use it as a long-term-rental, you can generate income and keep your bills paid throughout the year. Platforms such as Airbnb or VRBO comply with national tax regulations, plus, a professional accountant can guide you through the process of observing the local laws.

  5. The expat community is strong in Baja. Wherever you go, whatever you do, there is a sense of belonging and ease of living. Our local communities’ welcome nationals and foreigners alike, making them feel at home.

If you have had a dream of investing in real estate in Los Cabos, or retiring in the near future, let me assure you that it is an enjoyable process that in the long run will benefit you and your loved ones. Rome was not built in a day. My suggestion is for you to start by asking questions, learn about the different areas and communities, and even visit us for a few days to soak up the sun and see what it truly feels like to live by the beach!

If you are ready to purchase your dream home in Los Cabos, or wish to know more about buying property in Mexico, please email us at Hola@ERELosCabos.com or visit us at www.EliteRealEstateLosCabos.com.

 Cabo Real Estate 5 Things To Know

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Dec. 2, 2021

Why Buy with a Los Cabos Real Estate Professional?

by Justine Schock, Elite Real Estate Los Cabos Partner/Real Estate Advisor

There are many reasons why you should choose a licensed MLS BCS agent to assist with your real estate transaction. Just as you would likely hire a licensed professional to make repairs to your home, hiring a real estate agent can help give you peace of mind and confidence throughout the homebuying process. Here are our TOP 10 REASONS why you should buy with an Elite Real Estate Los Cabos Professional.

1.   We Know the Market

The Los Cabos Market is booming, and inventory is in short supply. Whether you are looking for a property that will make a great rental, searching for specific amenities or nearby bilingual schools, or hoping to avoid potential HOA or building issues, our local agents know the pros and cons of each area and development. An expert real estate agent will guide you through the home buying process with an unbiased eye, helping you meet your buying objectives while staying within your budget.

2.   Access to Homes for Sale

Believe it or not, most homes in our market do not have lockboxes for keys. Typically, the buyer’s agent must set up appointments with each listing agent when they schedule a tour. If you are searching without the help of a local agent, you may find it difficult to gain access to many properties and you might even miss out on homes that could be a perfect fit. A real estate agent's full-time job is to act as a liaison between buyers and sellers. This means that they will have easy access to all properties listed by other agents, companies, and developers.

3.   We Can Be Objective

Let’s face it, buying a home can be an emotional rollercoaster and a life changing investment. For many buyers a home is the biggest purchase they’ll ever make. Having an objective real estate agent on your side to assist with negotiations and offer an impartial opinion can help you keep your emotions and stress at bay and stay focused on the most important details of the transaction.

4.   We Are Licensed

All of our Advisors are licensed in the State of Baja California Sur and registered with MLS BCS (the multiple listing service for Baja California Sur). Up until a few years ago, agents did not need a license to sell real estate in our State. In 2017, laws were finally passed to ensure that all agents and brokers are licensed. Prospective agents must meet certain requirements to become licensed including taking courses or training under an experienced agent, providing proof of no criminal record, and passing a certification exam. The new requirement provides more transparency, fewer bad buyer/seller experiences, and ensures that properties offered for sale have the proper documents in order. Nobody wants to fall in love with a home only to find out later that the seller doesn’t have a legal right to sell the home because the selling agent didn’t collect the proper documents!

5.   Real Estate Agents Have Important Connections

In today’s market, staying on top of inventory is key. Long gone are the days of a 1-year average market time! These days, accurately priced homes are selling within weeks or even days. By using your agents’ professional networks along with MLS BCS, your agent can help evaluate all active listings that meet your search criteria, provide data on recent sales, and alert you to listings that are about to hit the market. They can also help save you time by informing you about properties that are still appearing on public sites but are no longer active.

Another benefit of working with a real estate agent is their access to valuable connections in the industry. Whether it’s help finding a local contractor to make repairs in your home, or recommending a reliable gardener, housecleaner or property manager, your local agent can help connect you with the best people for the job.

 6.   Contracts Can Be Difficult

If you decide to buy a home, the Offer to Purchase protects you and guarantees that you are able to back out of the deal if certain terms are not met. For example, if you have a home inspection and find a major structural issue and you don’t have the proper inspection contingency in your contract, you could lose your deposit on the home. An experienced real estate professional deals with contracts on a regular basis and is familiar with which contingencies should be used and when they can be safely removed to protect you and help avoid delays and costly mistakes. Additionally, if you are purchasing from a Spanish speaking seller, using a real estate company who can assist with a bilingual Offer to Purchase makes things a lot easier and faster for buyer and seller to review.

7.   Negotiating Is Tricky

One of the trickiest, yet most important, aspects of the selling process is handling negotiations between buyers and sellers. A great agent will help get you the best possible price, negotiate needed repairs and possession dates, and act as a go-between to prevent any bad blood between buyer and seller that could potentially kill a deal. An agent can represent you in tough situations and smooth things over to keep negotiations from getting too personal. This puts you in a better position to get your dream home!

8.   The Seller Pays Commissions

It doesn’t cost the buyer anything to use a licensed real estate professional. When buying real estate in Los Cabos, the seller usually pays commissions and capital gains, and the buyer pays all the other closing costs related to the sale.

9.   We Can Assist Beyond the Sale

Purchasing a home in a foreign country is hard enough, but many homebuyers never think about what comes after the sale. If you are not fluent in Spanish, the process can be even more frustrating. Your agent and/or property manager can assist with setting up your electricity, internet, cable, and water bills, recommend the best restaurants for special occasions, connect you with local insurance providers, and so much more! 

10.   We Work with the Best Closing Companies

It’s important to have a competent Closing Attorney representing your interests when closing a transaction. The Closing Attorney will apply for your trust permit, ensure clean title, make sure all outstanding bills have been paid, order appraisals, advise on legal issues, coordinate with a local notary for deed signatures and more. Fees and service among closing companies will vary, however your agent can advise which companies are the easiest and best to work with.

If you are ready to purchase your dream home in Los Cabos, or wish to know more about buying property in Mexico, please email us at Hola@ERELosCabos.com or visit us at www.EliteRealEstateLosCabos.com.

The Elite Real Estate Los Cabos Team

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